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ESHET Research Grants


Following an announcement during the last General Assembly on the 3rd of June 2023, ESHET is resuming its Research Grant Scheme with the aim of fostering innovative and small-scale research initiatives without the usual administrative and management costs associated with international competitive research programmes.

Applications are open to ESHET members and grants will usually be awarded to projects featuring early career scholars. An ‘early career scholar’ is defined as someone who has completed a PhD no more than seven years from the date of the deadline for the application. Scholars who in that period have been on parental leave or had other reasons for career breaks can ask for an extension of the seven-year period (an extension of one year per child is possible).

A small number (1 or 2) research projects annually will be funded up to an amount of € 2000.

The duration of each research project is typically one year, with the obligation to present a final report at the end of the project. The research projects should commence between 1 January 2024 and 30 June 2024. Projects must be completed by 30 June 2025.

The ESHET Executive Committee and Council invite proposals of up to 1500 words outlining the aims of the research project, a plan of implementation and a costing.
For further details of the requirements for proposals please read the full specification of the grant scheme on the ESHET website: 


winner 2023

The Jury for the 2023 ESHET Reserach Grants ( Manuela Mosca, Catherine Herfeld, and Shin Kubo) decided to award the project Capabilities and the Individual in Economics: Relationality, Responsibility, and Mutuality in the Civil Economy and Social Enterprise presented by Valentina Erasmo (University of Turin)

winner 2022 

The Jury for the 2022 ESHET Reserach Grants (Sheila Dow, Guido Erreygers, and Shin Kubo) decided to award the project Optimal pricing: William Vickrey and the marginal cost controversy coordinated by Thomas Michael Mueller (Université de Paris 8)



winners 2016 - 2019

ESHET grant. The selection committee (Harald Hagemann, chair, Eleonora Sanfilippo and Michel De Vroey) decided to award the 2016 grant for research projects on any topic in the history of economic thought to the project: Bifurcations in Natural Resources Economics 1920s - 1930s, coordinated by Antoine Missemer.

ECB grant. The selection committee (Ivo Maes, chair, Annalisa Rosselli and Hans-Michael Trautwein) decided to award the 2016 ECB grant for research projects on the "History of monetary theories, policies and institutions” to the project The history of macroeconometric modeling, coordinated by Marcel J. Boumans.

Audiovisual resources grant. The selection committee (Manuela Mosca, chair, Roberto Baranzini and Pedro Duarte) decided to award the audiovisual resources grant for projects that utilize and/or produce audiovisual and Internet resources to provide education in and promote the history of economic thought to the project Before Economics: the History of Political Economy, coordinated by Ryan Walter. The podcasts "Before Economics" are now available on line at:


winners 2015 - 2018 

ESHET grant. Selection Committee: José Luís Cardoso (chair), Tony Aspromorgous and Michel De Vroey
1. Explorations in the recent history of decision theory, 1945‐1990, by C. Herfeld and I. Moscati
2. The Fragmentation of Economics and the New Role of the History of Economic Thought, by M. Cedrini, J.B. Davis, S. Fiori and A. Ambrosino.

ECB grant. Selection Committee: Ivo Maes (chair), Antoin Murphy, Arie Arnon
1. Minimalism vs. Activism in Central Banking. Lessons from the History of Economic Thought, by Lilia Costabile (coordinator) and Gerald Epstein
2. Unconventional monetary policy ante litteram. The Radcliffe Committee and the debate on liquidity and the long-term interest as a monetary policy instrument, by Paolo Paesani (coordinator) and Carlo Cristiano.

Audiovisual resources grant. Selection committee: Manuela Mosca (chair), Roberto Baranzini and Pedro Duarte
Not awarded.


winners 2014 - 2017

ECB grant. Selection Commitee: Ivo Maes (chair), Antoin Murphy, David Laidler, Arie Arnon
1. Money market and monetary policy in the Bretton Woods international monetary system crisis, coordinated by Sylvie Diatkine
2. Central banks between speeches and theories, coordinated by Gianfranco Tusset.

ESHET grant. Selection Commitee: José Luís Cardoso (chair), Tony Aspromorgous, Michel de Vroey
The Trade-off Between Taxation, Debt and Money Creation in the History of Public Finance Crises, 1848–1914, coordinated by Claire Silvant.